Because everything is better with achievements!

These are just for fun and are whatever I think of. (Party) achievements are earned by all members of the party, others are only earned by that player.

Do enough damage to a conscious non-minion enemy to reduce it to negative its bloody value in hit points.

Gratuitous Violence
Kill a minion with a daily power.

With Friends Like These… (Party)
When making a burst or blast attack that targets each creature in burst, roll a natural 20 on an attack roll versus an ally.

Why Can’t We Be Friends? (Party)
Complete a hostile encounter without resorting to violence.

Not Dead Yet!
Be conscious at less than 10% of your maximum health at the end of an encounter.

That’s How I Roll
Roll a natural 20 twice in one encounter.

No Guts, No Glory
Risk three or more opportunity attacks in one turn.

All The Things
Equip magic items of the following categories: Weapon/Implement, Armor, Neck Slot, Feet Slot, Hands Slot

Roll a natural 20 after rolling a natural 1 in an encounter.

I Attack The Darkness (Party)
Hit an enemy you can’t see.

But It’s Right There (Party)
Retrieve the Tome of Kulduras… whatever that is.

Meant To Do That
Kill a non-minion enemy as part of an immediate interrupt, immediate reaction, or opportunity action.

Oh Gravity, Thou Art A Heartless Bitch
Kill an enemy with falling damage.


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