House Rules

Bulk Consumables/etc.

Provided you are carrying an adventurer’s kit, it is assumed that you restock its contents (rations, etc.) at reasonable intervals — and usage of its contents will not be tracked.

For non-magical arrows, sling bullets, and other bulk ammunition, if you have at least a quiver full or equivalent, it is assumed you are able to maintain an effectively unlimited supply from recovering arrows between fights — and ammunition usage will not be tracked.

For items such as throwing daggers and other ‘non-bulk’ ranged attack weapons, usage IS tracked but you will generally be able to recover all of such weapons after an encounter. (So if you have 3 daggers, you can use daggers for a ranged ability 3 times per encounter.)

Magical ammunition, potions, reagents for rituals and other such consumables are tracked as normal.

Story arcs may override this house rule for purposes of the story arc, but you generally will know in advance. (“This assignment involves possibly trekking through the desert for weeks. Is there anything you’d like to stock up on before you go?”)

Abilities Allowing Rerolls

I allow rolling both attack and damage together to save time (plus DeviantNull’s framework does it by design). However, there is one small caveat:

Any power that alters the outcome of an attack roll also triggers a reroll of damage (if damage has already been rolled). If the outcome of an attack roll is unchanged, the previous damage dice result stands.

By “alter the outcome”, it means that the final result (“Miss”, “Hit” or “Crit”) is not the same as the initial result.

This is to avoid cases of “Oh, I rolled max damage? Sure I’ll use my heroic effort to make this ability hit/use my elven accuracy power/etc” or “Well, no point in using this power since I rolled a 1 on all 3 damage dice”, as you wouldn’t normally know the result of your damage roll beforehand. Attack reroll powers shouldn’t be used as opportunities to reroll damage, just opportunities to reroll attacks.

Rules Questions/Disputes

If we cannot quickly answer a rules question or conclude a rules dispute, I will make a ruling that applies to the remainder of the current session and make an effort to research the ‘correct’ answer for future sessions.

Dice Rolling Oddities

This really doesn’t apply because this is an online campaign, but I’m putting it here anyways because I can.

Dice are always rerolled if they fall off the table or they are not completely flush with the table. This is true even if the result is obvious or would be obvious after the interfering object(s) are moved.

House Rules

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